After customs, there is a taxi stand right before you leave the terminal building. Taxi fares to the hotel are a set rate (around $20) so you do not have to worry about how much to pay the driver. If you want to pre-arrange travel, you can also book a shuttle ride directly with Costa Sur or Garza Blanca through their websites. It might be a little more expensive but it’s a hotel shuttle. It is about 20 minutes or so to the hotels.


You can get pesos at the airport through an ATM near the taxi stand or at the Currency Exchange Window near baggage claim. Although most businesses will accept American currency, it is best to pay with pesos with the current, great exchange rate. Most stores and restaurants accept credit cards. Check with your bank about which ATMs and credit cards are best to use.

where to stay

We have arranged a block of rooms at the Costa Sur Resort, which is a very short bus ride to the Wedding Villa. You can make your reservations here .

The hotel occasionally runs specials that may provide a better rate than is available on the link provided; as well as a longer stay if you so desire.  Feel free to contact them directly to check on this and book, but please mention that you are coming as part of the Corbett-Smith group.  Lastly, please remember that the “all inclusive” package add-on is available at check in as well; and you will have the option to add or remove it for any of the days of your stay at that point.

Also, please note that there is an option to book transport to and from the hotel / airport when making your reservation.


things to do

While the wedding ceremony will be happening on Saturday the 20th, we would encourage you to come down as early as the 16th and take advantage of the beach and make for yourselves a proper vacation!

In addition to the amenities offered at the resort, there are some great ideas on how to enjoy P.V. here and here .